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MARCH 15TH 2018

In this  TWENTY MINUTE candid fart compilation Jenn is showing off the affects of a diet that is HEAVY in vegetables.  She as been eating a lot of broccoli and salads trying to get healthy but her amount of gas has been UNREAL!  She definitely sounded like she was PLAYING THE TUBA from her ass or better yet sounded like a HERD OF MOOSE coming your way ready to smash your face!  Getting ready for the day, laying and relaxing,  doing sexy dance for you, trying on new jeans.. there are so many scenarios and so many DEEP, LOW TONED FARTS this is another bass fart fiasco by the ACE OF BASS Goddess Jenn!

MARCH 1ST 2018

In this FULL LENGTH FART MOVIE you are going to here a TON of farts!  Virtually NO TALKING Virtually NO LAG TIME.. just farts.. and some very long ones at that!  There were several of them in the 15 SECOND RANGE and most of these DEEP HUMMERS were filmed in jeans.. as a matter of fact I think she was wearing jeans the whole time!  Great angles and great sighs of relief.  Everything you could ask for in a JUMBO FART COMPILATION!  This clip will last you for a month!  and the majority of these farts are HUGE!  If you like REALLY LONG ONES this clip is a must see for you!


THIS IS THE CLIP THE WHOLE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!  I am not going to "over" describe this clip.  It is SELENA LOCA doing what she does best.  ripping LONG BUBBLEY WATER FARTS in jeans over and over and OVER again!  Teasing you .. calling you her fart slave... telling you to sniff it..  you know her work.. WELL... at the end of the clip she TOTALLY BEWPS herself!  She continued to fart a few times after but it was SO MESSY she had to take the jeans off... and YES.. she SHOWS YOU THE BEWP FILLED JEANS.. holds them RIGHT UP TO THE CAMERA!  The world has been wanting to see SELENA LOCA BEWP well now the world gets to see SELENA LOCA BEWP!!

FEBRUARY 12th 2018

This was going to be a SUPER SEXY cos play fart video with SELENA LOCA starring as a GASSY HARLEY QUINN!  Her farts were FEROCIOUS! and everything was going according to plan until her WATERY BLUBBERY FARTS turned the face on her HQ panties BROWN!  Yes after wedging the panties deep in her ass and farting so VIOLENTLY she pulls out the panties outta her ass and you can see the BIG BROWN STAIN in her panties!  Oh well.. the show must go on!  THESE FARTS ARE INCREDIBLE! She finishes off this clip by farting in jeans!

FEBRUARY 4th 2018

I love clips like this.  Selena is sitting facing the camera, showing off her beautiful face, looking all cute with her glasses on and hair up and ripping LONG, WATERY, BUBBLY farts out of her ass behind her!  I love it when you can see the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS but at the same time hear LONG MOANING FARTS in the background!  Then later in the clip she farts more DEEP TROMBONE FARTS in light blue CRUSH VELVET leggings until she SHARTS HERSELF!  THIS CLIP IS THE BOMB!

JANUARY 24th 2018

Feast your eyes on the GREATEST ASS EVER ON THE INTERNET!  It is as BIG AS THE SUN and getting inside would be like entering a BLACK HOLE!  SELENA LOCA rips the FARTS OF A LIFETIME in this clip and her friends are right there in the clip DESCRIBING HOW BAD HER FARTS SMELL!  She is a FART QUEEN and she does not care that her friends are in the room GAGGING on your EGGY FART GAS!  She is putting her ass and her farting talents on display for the WHOLE WORLD to see. BLACK HOLE SUN will take you home and wash away the rain!

JANUARY 16th 2018

FARTS!!  ... just long BUBBLEY, WATERY ... FARTS!  Being BLASTED and BLOWN over and over again by the GREATEST ASS ON THE INTERNET!  Right into your nose and mouth..  Bratty Teasing and lots of "Daddy" fetishy talk... and some of the BEST FARTS of her young fart model career!  That is how I describe a GEM!

JANUARY 8th 2018

Goddass Jennifer has the sexiest sounding farts.. this is just a simple compilation of her farting in a skirt, tight jeans and a long flowy summer dress and the main thing that sticks out to me is how LONG these farts were  and the very DEEP, BASSY tone that they had.  Of course her ass is HUGE and of course she is being a "BRAT" making you beg for her farts.

DECEMBER 30th 2017

Sexy Jenn has BAD HOLIDAY GAS!  She had to take a quick trip to THE BRONX and she decided to record her self farting in her hotel room.  DAMN, WHAT DID SHE EAT!  these farts are so POWERFUL they sounded like they hurt coming out!  Selena will BRB but for now enjoy this COO COO COMP from Sexy Goddass Jennifer!


Selena has 2 BEAUTIFUL SISTERS appearing with her in this video.  She is just bringing them into the "family business" and they will be the FIRST FAMILY OF FARTING GIRLS!  Selena is the Kim K of the bunch and you will soon get to know MaryAnna and Mileena Loca!  In this clip Selena is doing all the farting but ALL OF THEM are doing the SMELLING!  They are all in the room together talking about HOW BAD SELENA'S FARTS SMELL!! and how the whole room smells SO BAD!  MaryAnna and Mileena are watching the BOSS make her videos because they want to be as good as she is!  and just an FYI Sarina Loca is her cousin who lives in a whole other state... so YES.. there are FOUR LOCA GIRLS ready to turn the fart world UPSIDE DOWN!  You don't wanna miss this!!!!


I don't really have to say too much.. YOU ALREADY KNOW!!  You know what her farts sound like and LOOK AT THAT ASS!  If you don't watch another video for the rest of the year.... YOU GOTTA SEE THIS ONE! She is teasing you.. calling you her "fart slave" and making you "beg for them farts"......not gonna waste anymore time but just wanna say O M GEANS!


Every since Thanksgiving Selena has been a but "backed up" but NOW.. FINALLY it is ALL COMING OUT.. 5 POUNDS WORTH!  She also wanted to do some JERK OFF INSTRUCTION during this EXPLOSIVE TOILET VISIT.. she is telling you to "take your cock out"... telling you when to "stroke it" and she wants you to CUM ON HER FACE AND TONGUE as the rips a LONG ECHOEY FART down the toilet bowl... YOU WILL NOT LAST 3O SECONDS OF THIS VIDEO!!


Selena has a thing... she LOVES for you to look at her face when she is pushing out LONG BUBBLEY GAS!  And she is wearing jeans so they are REALLY LONG AND BUBBLEY!  Watching her gorgeous face as she is pushing out these MONSTERS and seeing that sign of RELIEF is very much a turn on!  You will LOVE they way these farts sound.. definite CHEEK FLAPPERS and she DEMANDS you to keep eye contact with her as she annihilates your face with BASSY JEAN GOODNESS!


Selena Loca is very smart.  Her birthday is coming up so she decided to treat YOU to a special treat.  She loaded up on Tito's Tacos and put on some sexy lingerie and plans on ripping LONG TROMBONE FARTS all over your face and mouth.  She is smart because HER birthday is coming up and she does not want YOU to forget that!  So she is here to PLEASURE you today!  She put on your favorite bra and panty set and she got CRAZY BAD GAS from all them NACHOS she ate so she is going to put on a show for you featuring her BIG ASS and her even BIGGER FARTS and your face!  So next week when her birthday comes around be ready to spend that bag!


Selena is wearing black see-thru tights and ripping the BUBBLIEST FARTS OF HER LIFETIME!  Putting that big round ass in your face and farting over and over again!  She is being sweet and sassy and farting just for you.. her number one fan!  Can you smell the MEXICAN FOOD she ate?  Because it gave her BAD GAS!  She loves farting for you and of course you are in pure X-tasy!

OCTOBER 31st 2017

OMG THAT ASS THO!  that big PSYCHODELIC ASS!  These are the LONGEST, GULPIEST MOST WATERY FARTS EVER! She is shaking and twerking and farting like a MAD WOMAN! and them PANTS!  them PSYCHO DELIC PANTS!  SELENA LOCA IS TRULY LOCA!  She will for sure make you a FANATIC for her big ass and those BUBBLEY WATERY farts!

The above preview is just a taste of what is inside the Members Area!
First there was Jackie the Ripper then came Chastity and Lexxxi Lockhart
then Assley and Black Diamond.  Now the Baton is being passed to Selena
Loca Argueably the greatest Fetish Model on the whole internet!  There are
currently lots of videos in our members area from some of the BEST fetish
performers to ever participate in this category.  These are MUST SEE clips!

As the BRAND NEW FACE OF JackDaRipper Selena Loca Picked a GREAT TIME to record THE GREATEST JEAN FART CLIP EVER MADE!  You know her work.. so I don't need to say much but I will say this.. it's... GAME OVER!

Black Diamond is still very much a part
of the C World Family.  You will FOR SURE
see new clips from her in the coming weeks
Maybe on a brand new site or maybe on one
of the others but you will DEFINITELY see her.

The above preview is just a taste of what is inside the Members Area!
First there was Jackie the Ripper then came Chastity and Lexxxi Lockhart
then Assley and Black Diamond.  Now the Baton is being passed to Selena
Loca Argueably the greatest Fetish Model on the whole internet!  There are
currently lots of videos in our members area from some of the BEST fetish
performers to ever participate in this category.  These are MUST SEE clips!